Exploring the Risks Worth Taking at ITVS Independents Summit Winter 2020

Posted on February 6, 2020

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We are thrilled to announce the visionary filmmakers who will be attending the Winter 2020 ITVS Independents Summit.

Anna Andersen
Jeff Bemiss
Jacob Bricca
Michelle Budnick
Daniel Chein
Michael Collins
Luisa De La Ville
Violet Feng
Milton Guillén
Chelsea Hernandez
Daniel Klein
Beth Levison
Jasmín Mara López
Ivan MacDonald
Ivy MacDonald
Marianela Maldonado
Keith McQuirter
Lisa Molomot
Steven Okazaki
Eli Olson

André Pérez
Kelsey Peterson
Jerry Risius
Brittany Shyne
Sidsel Siersted
Marty Syjuco

Beginning Monday, Feb. 24th, filmmakers will gather at the ITVS Independents Summit, a week-long convening for storytellers and thought leaders to explore the inherent risks and pressures facing the documentary industry. 

Together we will tackle new frontiers facing distribution of documentaries and the role public media plays in providing sustainability in an ever-shifting marketplace. Our in-house team, as well as exciting voices from across the industry, will be on hand to lead brave discussions and actionable workshops in support of the independent storytellers accomplishing the essential work out in the world, often in isolation.

Ellen Schneider, Director and Founder of Active Voice Lab, will guide participants through the real risks involved in establishing creative partnerships with collaborators. ITVS-funded producers Juli Vizza (Dreams of Daraa) and Shaleece Haas (Real Boy), will continue the conversation about tending to those interpersonal relationships with care. 

Sundance Institute’s Kristin Feeley joins us to then turn the table towards the role and funders and co-producers play in our ecosystem and the demands they make of independent artists.

Ray Santisteban, director of ITVS-funded The First Rainbow Coalition, which recently aired on Independent Lens, will discuss his experience in bringing his passion project to fruition in an increasingly divided America.

The Independents Summit is a moment to pause, connect with and uplift each other, and wrestle with the risks worth taking in documentary filmmaking. 

How do we balance the weight of a story, and the real people within, with our own self-care? How can we avoid those fundraising pitfalls along the long road to picture lock? What leverage can we tap into in drawing audiences to our films? Together let's identify the challenges and mitigate the risks that independent storytellers face.

You can view the agenda for the winter edition of the ITVS Independents Summit here. Attendance is by invitation only.

Follow along at #ITVSIndieSummit on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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