Nicholas Kristof’s Reports for Half The Sky Underway

Posted on June 2, 2011

The New York Times op-ed columnist is behind the recently announced primetime television special Half The Sky, which premieres on PBS’s Independent Lens in fall 2012.

Last month, BTB unveiled ITVS and CPB’s investment in Half The Sky, a primetime television special and multi-platform project based on New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s widely acclaimed book, Half The Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. The series will premiere as a special presentation on Independent Lens in Fall 2012 and is a cornerstone of the recently announced Women and Girls Lead campaign. Some of today’s finest actresses and spokespeople have been tapped to engage with the subjects on the ground and broaden the understanding for viewers of the issues at hand, including Diane Lane, who recently traveled to Somaliland, and America Ferrera, who joined Kristof last month in India to focus on the problem of human trafficking.

We’ll be following Kristof’s regular op-ed contributions to the Times and have highlighted a few of his latest reports tied to the upcoming Half The Sky series, below: 

She’s 10 and May Be Sold to a Brothel (June 1, 2011) Slavery still exists, as reflected in the story of a 10-year-old Indian girl who wants to be a doctor but may be headed for a brothel. Continue reading >>>

• Raiding a Brothel in India (May 26, 2011) Witnessing a recent brothel raid in Kolkata and seeing five girls freed from forced prostitution. Continue reading >>> 

Mothers We Could Save (May 8, 2011) A Mother’s Day thought: One of the easiest ways to save women’s lives worldwide would be to support family planning programs. Instead, they’re being cut. Continue reading >>>

• Beyond Flowers for Mom (May 5, 2011) A woman dies in childbirth every 90 seconds or so somewhere in the world. Mother’s Day is a chance to help end these preventable deaths. Continue reading >>>


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