The ITVS Indies Roundup

Posted on April 6, 2012

A curated list of indie news and recommendations from ITVS’s Rebecca Huval.

Look, up in the sky! Here comes trouble. When a movie character gawks into the ether, you know something bad is on its way. If you want to avoid this cliche, or simply have a Friday laugh, watch this montage from Devour. (via Open Culture) If you’re at a loss of what to watch this weekend, check out this list of documentaries opening in April.

Stanley Kubrick’s first three films were short documentaries. “It was invaluable experience,” he said, “because being forced to do everything myself, I gained a sound and comprehensive grasp of all the technical aspects of filmmaking.” His three shorts followed a middleweight boxer, the Seafarers International Union, and a New Mexico reverend. Are you afraid of marketing your documentary on social media? Or do you lack the time for Twitter? You can’t afford to feel that way any longer, says Sheri Candler at Tribeca Film Institute. How do you know if an independent film has fared well in box offices? Find out different ways to measure engagement from Indiewire. This is so wonderful. Argentinian filmmaker Juan Pablo Zaramella spent two years making this stop-motion short film, Luminaris. With charming cinematography, classic Buenos Aires cityscapes, and sparkling humor, this six-minute video made it onto the 2011 Oscar shortlist for Best Animated Film with good reason.


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