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  1. Subjects From The Way We Get By Make History By Greeting Over One Million Troops

    April 8, 2010

    They've become famous among the soldiers who have passed through the airport in Bangor, Maine, on their way to and from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Among their neighbors, they've become a source of pride. To a nation wrestling with the politics behind the wars, they're an inspiration. They are the "Troop Greeters" of Bangor, an intrepid group of

  2. Watch HELL OF A NATION on Global Voices on PBS WORLD

    September 10, 2009

    In Afghanistan in 2003, the road to becoming a delegate was almost as difficult as the terrain itself: only a fraction of Afghans would be elected to attend the country's constitutional convention, the Loya Jirga. HELL OF A NATION offers an intimate look at two candidates struggling to participate in this landmark event. HELL OF A NATION airs Sunday,

  3. A Special Screening of MOTHERLAND AFGHANISTAN in San Francisco

    April 8, 2009

    Earlier this week, members of the San Francisco Commonwealth Club gathered for the screening of Sedika Mojadidi's MOTHERLAND AFGHANISTAN, co-produced by ITVS and presented by the Americans for UNFPA. The subject matter of the film is harsh, real and gritty. Afghanistan has the second largest maternal mortality rate in the world. But somehow the film's