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  1. The Collaborator and His Family, Sunday on Global Voices

    August 3, 2012

    ITVS’s Annisa Kau sat down with filmmakers Ruthie Shatz and Adi Barash to discuss their documentary The Collaborator and His Family. The film, which follows a Palestinian family as it is torn apart by its patriarch's collaboration with Israel, will air this Sunday, August 5 on Global Voices on the WORLD Channel (check local listings).Can you tell us

  2. The Karate Kid Takes on Global Voices

    July 27, 2012

    A young Muslim Israeli is trapped between her passion for karate and religious tradition in Shadya, airing this Sunday on Global Voices on the WORLD Channel (check local listings). Directed by Roy Westler, the film takes place in Northern Israel and profiles a 17-year-old charismatic karate champion. Shadya is a rare breed, a feminist in a

  3. A Look at the World Through Israeli Documentaries

    May 17, 2012

    Since its inception in 1999, DocAviv has become one of the leading cultural events in Israel with the aim of promoting Israeli and international documentary film. ITVS’s Claire Aguilar attended the 2012 DocAviv International Film Festival May 3-12, as a juror for Israeli Competition. Over the last 10 years, Israel has become one of the leading sources of

  4. Children Unite in Promises on ITVS Indies Showcase

    August 2, 2011

    The documentary Promises began streaming free this past Sunday on ITVS Indies Showcase and will be available to watch free until the morning of Wednesday, August 3. What is it really like to live in Jerusalem? Promises offers touching and fresh insight into the Middle East conflict when filmmakers Justine Shapiro, B. Z. Goldberg, and Carlos Bolado

  5. Celebrate Independence Day with Global Voices

    July 2, 2011

    Throughout July, Global Voices will examine the efforts and struggles around the world as people and organizations strive for democracy, independence, and freedom. Global Voices airs Sunday nights at 10pm on the WORLD Channel.  In honor of Independence Day, Global Voices and the WORLD Channel present four international documentaries throughout the