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  1. POV's 2012 Documentary Lineup Revealed

    March 26, 2012

    POV has just announced the slate of documentaries for its 25th season on PBS, starting in June. Since POV went on the air in 1988, it has championed the documentary art form, offering filmmakers a venue to take creative risks. It's where you've seen work from documentary greats including Errol Morris, Jonathan Demme, Albert and David Maysles, Michael

  2. Lois Vossen on Services for IL Producers

    October 6, 2010

    With the ninth season of Independent Lens approaching, Series Producer Lois Vossen runs through some of the many services filmmakers enjoy at ITVS. Get ready for the season premiere of Independent Lens on Tuesday, October 19th with Meghan Eckman's The Parking Lot Movie. Meanwhile, fan the show on Facebook and learn about all of the films heading your way