Estilo Hip Hop

Three hip-hop enthusiasts from Brazil, Chile, and Cuba firmly believe that hip hop can change the world.

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Global Voices
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June 28, 2009
60 minutes
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Virgilio Bravo

Vee Bravo has documented social movements for 25 years. He served as the Education Director for the Maysles Documentary Center and Tribeca Film Institute. Bravo co-produced Estilo Hip Hop, chronicling the rise of hip hop activism across Latin America, and Primera, an award-winning documentary on the 2020 Chilean social uprising.

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filmmaker Loira Limbal

Loira Limbal

Loira Limbal (Director/Producer) is an Afro-Dominican filmmaker and DJ interested in the creation of art that is nuanced and revelatory for communities of color. She is the Senior Vice President of Programs at Firelight Media. Firelight is committed to making films about pivotal movements and moments in the U.S. Firelight's flagship program - the Show more Documentary Lab - is a fellowship that provides mentorship, funding, and industry access to emerging filmmakers of color. Limbal’s current film, Through the Night is a feature documentary about a 24 hour daycare center. Through the Night was part of the 2019 Sundance Edit & Story Lab and was selected for world premiere at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival. Her first film, Estilo Hip Hop, was a co-production of ITVS and aired on PBS in 2009. Additionally, she co-produces and helms the popular Brooklyn monthly #APartyCalledRosiePerez. Limbal received a B.A. in History from Brown University and is a graduate of the Third World Newsreel's Film and Video Production Training Program. She is a Sundance Institute Fellow and a former Ford Foundation Justfilms/Rockwood Fellow. She lives in the Bronx with her two children.  Show less

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The Film

Estilo Hip Hop chronicles the lives of three hip-hop enthusiasts from Brazil, Chile, and Cuba who firmly believe that hip-hop can change the world. These three inspirational leaders mobilize young people to become politically active. However as the stakes assume greater risks, the leaders are faced with challenges and have to make life-altering decisions that ultimately impact the course of their lives and of the hip-hop movement.