Hopi Quilts

Hopi quilters on remote Arizona mesas have made American quilting traditions their own.

PBS Plus Presentation
Premiere Date
November 1, 1998
30 minutes
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Pam Stevenson

Pam Stevenson is a television producer/writer and historical journalist. She has more than 30 years of experience in television news and documentary production at Channel 10 in Phoenix and at KAET/Channel 8, the Phoenix PBS station. She currently operates Pam Stevenson Communications, an independent television/video production company that Show more specializes in historical, environmental, and public issue projects. Pam has a history degree from UCLA. She has produced numerous award-winning documentaries including: Navajo; Water: Lifeblood of the Desert; Arizona Supreme Court Oral Arguments; Desert Wildflowers; Wild Arizona; Karchner Caverns; and Hopi Quilts. She also co-authored the award-winning Arizona women’s history book, Grand Endeavors: Vintage Arizona Quilts and Their Makers. Show less

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The Film

Hopi Quilts tells the story of quilts in historic and modern Hopi life. Since missionaries introduced the American craft of quilting to Hopi women more than 100 years ago, simple patchwork bed-coverings have evolved into contemporary works of art. Hopi Quilts visits quilters on the remote Hopi mesas of northern Arizona, and shows how Hopi artisans have adopted the American quilting tradition and made it their own.