La Lucha

A caravan of people with disabilities cross the Andes in a battle for their civil rights.

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Violeta Ayala

Violeta Ayala is a leading filmmaker, technologist, and artist. She is the first Quechua member of the Oscars®️. Her credits include the virtual reality animation Prison X (Sundance 2021); the documentaries Cocaine Prison (Toronto 2017), The Fight (The Guardian 2017), The Bolivian Case (Hot Docs 2015), and Stolen (Toronto 2009).

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Redelia Shaw

Redelia Shaw is an award-winning producer with experience in independent and commercial filmmaking. Shaw produced The Bolivian Case, Cocaine Prison, La Lucha, and In the Gray. She has been with United Notions Film since 2013 and currently leads the Media Production, Esports, and Promo Pathways disciplines at Santa Monica College.


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The Film

A couple who use wheelchairs lead a movement to secure a monthly pension for people with disabilities. Together they assemble and inspire a caravan of hundreds battling cold and hunger on a 35-day, 250-mile journey over the Andes to the Bolivian capital. Facing tear gas from the police and vitriol from their fellow citizens, these activists roll into La Paz to rewrite national history.