Daughters of the Niger Delta

Hannah, Rebecca and Naomi live in the patriarchal world of the Niger Delta. Hannah had her land taken by her husband's family after his death, Rebecca wants to stop having children but her husband won't let her and Naomi suffered at university because she refused to have sex for grades. Their stories are all defined by male domination. Show more Despite the hardship affecting their lives, these women are determined to give their children a better future. Show less

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Women of the World
Premiere Date
March 1, 2015
60 minutes

Ilse Van Lamoen

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The Film

Daughters of the Niger Delta is an intimate film portrait of three ordinary women in the Niger Delta who manage to make ends meet against all odds. As their personal stories unfold, we come to see that the widely ignored environmental pollution in their backyard is not the only human rights violation affecting their lives. The stories of these women, filmed with astounding craft and insight by young female filmmakers from their own communities, resonate with the experiences of many women around the world. It's time to listen to women's voices.